The Winner Takes It All is an episode.

Plot summary Edit

The Padua High Talent Show is here. Bianca enters and decides to sing "The Kids of America" and is enjoying the attention from her father but to her dismay, Chastity steals her song shortly afterward. As soon as her equipment malfunctions and her mother Marcheline (Shari Headley) doesn't believe that she can do it, Bianca comes up with an idea of singing the song as a duet instead. Kat is feeling strongly neglected by her father and therefore joins the talent show with Cameron in a scheme to one-up Bianca but backfires when Kat becomes strongly overcome with stage fright. Afterward, Kat and Bianca have a heart to heart talk on the jealousy going on between them. In the end, Joey won the talent show and guest stars on Make It or Break It. Cameos: Josie Loren as Kaylie Cruz and Cassie Scerbo as Lauren Tanner from Make It or Break It.

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